Tapes and Adhesives


Our adhesive products are specially adapted to the THERMOFLOC system. The adhesive tapes or alternatively the universal glue are used for airtight sealing of the THERMOFLOC vapour control layer and breather membrane.  They can also be used for airtight masking of the joints of timber product boards (e.g. OSB boards).

Art. No. 5151 Art. No. 5157
Technical data THERMOFLOC adhesive tape 5 cm THERMOFLOC adhesive tape 14.6 cm
Raw material Polyethylene adhesive tape Polyethylene adhesive tape
Roll width 5 cm 14.6 cm
Roll length 25 linear metres 25 linear metres
Box 12 rolls 4 rolls
Pallet 60 boxes 60 boxes
The adhesive coating consists of solvent- and emollient-free acrylate.

Polyethylene universal adhesive tape with acrylate glue is used for airtight sealing of areas where THERMOFLOC vapour-proof linings are perforated or overlapping.

Art. No. 5170
Technical data THERMOFLOC universal glue
Material Acrylate glue
Temperature resistance -20°C to +80°C
Processing temperature from -10°C to max. +50°C
Characteristic features Short drying time, high expandability
Box/contents 20 units/310 ml
Pallet 60 boxes
Free of softening agents, solvents and halogen compounds – store frost protected.

Permanent and elastic acrylate glue for connections of vapour retarders and vapour barriers of all types, also for PE, aluminium and PA on substrates such as plaster, wood, concrete, carpet, edging etc as per DIN 4108-7 and SIA 180.